How to submit an editing query to us

The basics


We review all incoming editing queries biweekly (Wednesdays and Saturdays, holidays excluded).

Please attach the ten (10) opening pages of your completed manuscript as follows: as a double-spaced Word attachment in 12-point standard Times/Courier font (black) with one-inch margins. Paragraphs should have a half-inch first line indentation (except for paragraphs following chapter and section breaks). Use page breaks instead of a number of paragraph returns. There should be one space between words and sentences. If you need help formatting, let us know in your query; we do formatting.

- category (such as adult, young adult, middle grade, picture book)

- genre (such as nonfiction self-help, romance, adventure-thriller, urban fantasy)
- total word count and whether the book is complete

- editing service that you seek (such as developmental, manuscript critique, copy edit, beta readers) or let us know that you need help determining which service would best suit the book and your goals

- publishing option that you wish to pursue (traditional publication, self-publication)
- note if you have attended one of Christine's workshops, presentations, if you met at a conference, or if this is a referral

We will respond within twenty-four hours of the review date (holidays excluded). If your opening pages seem a match for one of our editors, then they usually will ask to see the full manuscript. If the book falls within their areas of interest and expertise, then they will provide you with a quote and turnaround time.

If snail mail is preferred, our address is PO Box 292153, Los Angeles, CA  90029-8653. Include a SASE and we will return your document, marked with edits. We’ll send you an email upon receipt.

Either way, let us know what you are trying to achieve. Are you submitting your piece for a specific call for submissions (such as a date-sensitive inclusion of a short story in an anthology), a contest, or for another type of assignment? If yes, please provide us with the details so we can check that you’re meeting the requirements. Are you seeking traditional publication or self-publication? Or, maybe you are still unsure at this point. Tell us where you’re at in the process.

I’ve never done this before! How do I know when my writing is ready for your review?

Your writing is ALWAYS welcome. We receive first drafts, and we receive publication-ready pieces. At any step of the process, our consultants can provide you with unbiased and professional feedback to help you achieve your goal.


Average hourly rates from Writer’s Digest 2018 Writer's Market (pages 116-133) article by Aaron Belz.

- manuscript evaluation and critique, $66 per hour
- content editing, $54 per hour
- copy editing, $46 per hour
- proofreading, $31 per hour

- ghostwriting (as told to), $67 per hour
- ghostwriting (no credit), $73 per hour

While we generally adhere to current marketplace hourly editing rates, our quotes are project specific.

We will give you a confidential, written quote which includes a total project figure and a turnaround time. We base this calculation on editing hours multiplied by your editor's hourly editing rate plus ancillary expenses such as printing and so forth. Each submission is unique and we cannot provide you with a quote until we have reviewed your project in its entirety.

There is a $500 minimum per job. This may be waived for existing clients and, sometimes, for jobs such as picture books, short stories, and other categories of writing.

Ongoing services are also available. These are provided at a contracted hourly rate, tracked in fifteen-minute increments, and billed at or near the beginning of each month. Invoices are due upon receipt.

Benefit from our confidential registry of beta readers. This includes children from age six (for picture book) through adult beta readers. Our beta reader service has been an invaluable author benefit for more than a decade. Authors receive specific, targeted feedback from their intended audience. Both the author and the beta reader remain confidential. We coordinate as many readers as needed per project; the author receives timely, written responses from the readers. Rates vary.

Books with a word count of around 85,000 words take, on average, 75-90 hours of editing time. Editing hours vary based on the type of work requested (such as, content editing), the level of editing required (light, medium, or heavy), and whether you request one editor or two editors to work on the project. Each book is unique and will be priced accordingly.

We are careful, caring, and thorough editors and our pricing is fair. Our goal is to help you with publication and profitability. Writing a book is like starting a small business—you will invest money up front that you wish to recoup once you have built your author brand and have your product ready for sale. We are available to assist you from creation to publication.

Most manuscripts require several edits (for example, a developmental edit, a copy edit, and then a proofread). By working with us, the quality of your writing can improve because we encourage a continuing conversation between author and editor. Improved writing means less time and money spent editing grammar and style, and more time to focus on other aspects of the business.

Each project receives a written quote and a turnaround time based on the hours needed for the project, the level of editing chosen, and the manner in which the edit is to be performed (such as, electronic-editing).

Ongoing clients may receive priority scheduling.

We accept cash, money orders, checks, credit cards, and PayPal.

Unless otherwise agreed upon, 50% of our fee is due at the start of the project, with the remainder due upon the completion of the project before the edited files are returned to the client. For projects with a future start date, a $500 nonrefundable deposit is required to reserve time for your project on our calendar.

We use the online billing service, Square Up. You will be invoiced. Once payment is made, you will receive an email notice of payment for your records.

Though not much is “typical” about writing since there are so many different scenarios, we are quick and responsive. Our turnaround times are competitive with industry standards.

A short piece with minimal requirement could be edited in a day, but many authors opt for several edits, establishing an ongoing relationship with their editor. Some projects continue a year or more, from initial meeting until the manuscript is ready to submit for publication.