Experienced editorial services and writing services


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Since founding Write for Success Editing Services in 2009, I have assisted authors in achieving their goals from creation to publication. This includes editorial services as well as writing, or ghostwriting services. In this high-volume industry, I understand the marketplace and what's needed to succeed so I can help guide each client's unique path to publication. 

I’m an experienced, insightful substantive/developmental editor who also delivers accurate, timely copy editing and proofreading. My skillful review of your query letter with feedback will get it noticed. Those first lines and pages of a submission must be excellent and technically clean. I’ll teach you how pros evaluate the merits of your material. 


Experienced editorial services and writing services

Looking for a speaker for your next event? I can help guide writers with interactive presentations on topics such as: 

- Self-Editing,

- Your Book's First Lines and First Pages

- Crafting a Query Letter that Hooks Readers

I also offer genre-specific topics such a Writing Your Memoir. 

I work with writers of adult and children’s books—that includes child writers as young as elementary-school age.


About me

As a member of today’s top editing and writing organizations and associations, I stay atop of what’s going on in the industry. Working from Hollywood, my editorial service is in the center of it all. 

My master’s degree is in English literature.

My favorite treat? Ice cream!

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I can help you at any stage on your way to publication