December Deals: Holiday Gift Cards are 20% Off


Gift Cards

For the writer on your list or as a gift to yourself, gift cards are 20% off. 

$100 gift card for only $80

$500 gift card for only $400

$1,000 gift card for only $800

Minimum gift card purchase is $100 (one card) and maximum is $1,000 (may be split to four cards). Discounted rates are valid during December 2019. Gift cards are valid for one year from date of purchase and can be sent electronically (no charge) or mailed to US addresses ($5 each).

A sampling of services

Query Letter Review

Receive a pro's perspective as to whether your query or cover letter hooks the reader, where it can be improved, and whether the content is relevant and pertinent in today's marketplace.

Education: My education includes a 

master's degree in English literature. I conduct workshops and informative presentations.

Professional Editing

I provide timely, thorough, thoughtful, and constructive review and critique of your manuscript, short story, article, website, or other piece of writing. My skills include all levels of editing from developmental, substantive, and line editing. I am also a copy editor and offer accurate proofreading. My office is located in Los Angeles and I adhere to strict confidentiality practices.

Mastery of Reference Guides

Don't let the book you worked so hard on be marred by improper spelling, typos, dropped antecedents, misused homophones, unnecessary repetition, and style or formatting mistakes. Errors pull readers out of the story. My experience and knowledge of the current reference sources help your manuscript conform to today's rules. The lexicon evolves; careful review keeps it current.

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