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Christine Van Zandt

take your manuscript to the next level

Finish that book

January: a time to look backward and a time to look forward

A time to finish your book and pursue publication. 

I can help. Maybe your manuscript needs a careful review of the grammar and spelling. Or perhaps you want to ensure your book complies with the current styles and formatting. If you want detailed feedback on your plot, characters, and pacing, why wait? 

Do something for yourself.

Take your story to the next level with the insight and experience of a professional editor.

A sampling of services

Query Letter Review

Receive a pro's perspective as to whether your query or cover letter hooks the reader, where it can be improved, and whether the content is relevant and pertinent

Professional Editing

I will provide timely, thorough, thoughtful, and constructive review and critique of your manuscript, short story, article, website, or other piece of writing. My skills include all levels of editing from developmental, substantive, and line editing. I am also a copy editor and offer accurate proofreading. My editorial service is located in Los Angeles.

Beta Readers

My registry of screened, confidential beta and sensitivity readers give invaluable feedback; both reader and author remain anonymous

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