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Christine Van Zandt

take your manuscript to the next level

Save $100 off your book-length editing project

Offer valid on contracts signed before 1/1/2019 with 50,000+ words

Treat yourself to a professional edit—tell them it's a gift from the dog! 

Questions about query letters?

Let me guide you with tips and advice


Writing an excellent book is the first step, but to get an agent to read your manuscript pages,

you must know how to engagingly and concisely craft your query letter to today's standards.

My November newsletter covered the basics needed in a query letter.

If you'd like a copy, please email me at Christine@Write-for-Success.com or WriteforSuccessEditing@gmail.com. I'm here to help.

 If you emailed me between 10/11-10/28 and my email bounced, please try again. I updated my website to be secure and the email feature was inadvertently dropped. 

Some services I offer

Professional Editing

I will provide timely, thorough, thoughtful, and constructive review and critique of your manuscript, short story, article, website, or other piece of writing. My skills include all levels of editing from developmental, substantive, and line editing. I am also a copy editor and offer accurate proofreading. My editorial service is located in Los Angeles.

Query Letter Review

Receive a pro's perspective as to whether your query or cover letter hooks the reader, where it can be improved, and whether the content is relevant and pertinent

Beta Readers

My registry of screened, confidential beta and sensitivity readers give invaluable feedback; both reader and author remain anonymous

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